Living With Unemployment

20 Sep

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This week, Doc Love, author of “The System,” advises areader who’s in a relationship while living with unemployment.

Reader’s Question

Hey Doc,I’ve always done very well with women within the short term. I USED TO BE married once, however it fizzled and sheleft me for one more man. Since then, I’ve been facing women like crazy. Most of them are physically gorgeous but don’t delay inthe Integrity or Honesty department. Here’s my current situation: Ilost my job a couple of months ago, and now I’m without unemployment benefits. I’vehad some temp jobs, but I can’t find anything in my salary range. Why do I mentionthis? Because I met my current love, Sandra, while unemployed. We datedcasually for a couple of weeks. Then she was imagined to go and notice her on-and-off boyfriend,but she abandoned the plan and asked me to be exclusive along with her instead. Since then, shehas spent her time with me. I have strong feelings for this one, Doc. The reasonI’m so compelled to be together with her is because she dates me although thatI’m unemployed.That I DON’T have an income and am at the brink oflosing everything seems to intend absolutely nothing to her. This shows extreme moral fibre,and the pathetic women I’ve dated prior to now can’t compare to her. Thereason I’m writing is because I haven’t been capable of spoon-feed myself, andI’m fearful of destroying Challenge just because Sandra knows I’m not employed and amwithout money. For instance, I can’t tell her I’m going out somewhere withouther because she knows I’m broke. Because I don’t have money to take Sandraout, she makes accommodations and/or has paid for me. Our time have been spent just walkingon the beach, watching movies or having an effortless dinner at home. I’m an effortless man,and this relationship is what I’ve always wanted. But, like I said before, I BELIEVE asif I WOULD be making huge mistakes by not with the ability to take this relationship slowenough. Sandra gives and provides and gives, and that i rarely have toreturn. Essentially the most I’ve done for her is to drive to her house, that is about 15 milesaway. I also sorted once when she was sick — and that’s about it. She’sdone way more for me. Doc, do you think that I’m doomed? Sandraencourages me to maintain searching for work and never surrender. She compliments me and tells meI’m special, even if I BELIEVE like a lowlife. She sees something in me I sometimesfail to peer in myself on account of my job situation. But isn’t itgoing too fast? Do a majority of these things work out? Rich – whocan’t believe his luck Should Rich end his relationshipwhile he’s living with unemployment? Doc Love advises… Continue Reading

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