Michael Cera Interview

19 Sep

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Canadian actor Michael Cera has come along way sincebreaking through into the mainstream with hit US sitcom, Arrested Development, and has aseries of succesful movies under his belt including Superbad, Juno, Nick and Norah’sInfinite Playlist. This year saw Cera tackle the lead role in Edgar Wright’s comicbook adaptation Scott Pilgrimvs. The sector during which he played a lovelorn bassist tasked with defeated his newgirlfriend’s evil exes. With the critically acclaimed Pilgrim out on DVD and Blu-ray,December 27, and an Arrested Development movie at the horizon, 22-year-old Cera is carvingout a personality niche that might seem beyond someone so young. AskMen chattedwith the soft-spoken Canadian about Pilgrim’s DVD release, and he told us aboutworking with Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, and the way forward for the ArrestedDevelopment movie. AskMen: What brought you to Edgar Wright’scomic book adaptation, Scott Pilgrim vs. The arena? Michael Cera: Iloved the comics. I’d read the primary few that had already pop out by then. And Iwas conscious about how great Edgar’s movies were. After I met with Edgar in Toronto, he told me then he desired to do it with me. Not the film –he desired to do it with me sexually. That was really exciting. We did it.Four years glided by. When the project came visiting again, I couldn’t say no because Iwas deeply committed to him emotionally. And he told me he really enjoyed how my bodylooked. So I agreed to anything he desired to do. AskMen: What was yourreaction when Scott Pilgrim came out, following all the hype? MichaelCera: I saw it for the primary time at Comic-Con this past year with fans of the graphicnovel, so it was a very great crowd. It played like a rock concert — it was veryemotional. After I watched the movie, I WILL remember everything that washappening on set throughout the shooting. It gets me emotional whenever. In fact, I alwaystell the individual next to me when I’m watching it now, “If you hear me startcrying, just wake me up, please.” Coming Up: Michael Cera onbecoming an action hero, and the way forward for the Arrested Development movie. Continue Reading

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