Tom Six explains The Human Centipede II

16 Oct

Welcome to the mind of director Tom Six, where stitching people together to share a single digestive system looks as if a fun project. Want to delve deeper? Well, Six was chatting in regards to the inspiration for his second film within the Human Centipede series and also you may well be surprised at one of the crucial influences. “I knew part one needed to be psychological because people needed to get used to the sick idea first. So, within the second one I knew you needed to show things and that i was already thinking for a sequel, ‘What could be worse than a surgeon creating a human centipede?’ That may be somebody who doesn’t have medical skills creating a human centipede, in order that need to be a fan or something,” Six told Fangoria. “When I USED TO BE travelling the sector and those asked me, ‘What if some maniac in the market copies your idea,’ I knew for sure.” The Human Centipede (Full Sequence) may be shot in black and white. Was that to tone down the red splatter just like the Crazy 88 fight in Kill Bill 2? “When I made part one, I used clinical colours, the camera work may be very steady and that actually fit the tale of Dr. Heiter. For the second one one, I WISHED to do an absolutely different film. I NEEDED to create a dismal story – it needed to look dirty and wonderful collectively. Black and white really helped the tale of Martin,” Six explains, before revealing one unusual influence. “If I did it in colour, the entire attention would visit the gore and centipede. It’s a lot more than that. It’s a story, and the black and white gives it a very uncomfortable feeling, like Eraserhead and that i did a Schindler’s List. Spielberg used a red dress, I used brown diarrhoea. It’s an ode to Schindler’s List!"

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