Five Reasons To peer ’50/50′

02 Oct
From MTV Movies Blog:

In a nutshell, “50/50” is movie about an otherwise average 27-year-old guy named Adam who gets diagnosed with cancer, and what happens to his life and the folk in it when faced with 50/50 odds of survival.

Unlike many of the generic, forgettable fare that Hollywood churns out each year, this film is something special. With an all-star cast including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick and Anjelica Huston, you’ll actually care in regards to the characters, get swept up within the story and in fact feel something while you walk out. “50/50” is without doubt one of the best movies I’ve seen this year, and listed below are a couple of the reason why it will likely be certainly one of your favorites besides.


It’s Not A Remake, Reboot, Or YA Novel AdaptationThis is an original story in keeping with actual events, inspired by writer Will Reiser’s battle with cancer and the way his family and friends handled it. A type of friends is Seth Rogen, who has said that all of them noticed that Reiser, who was just 25 on the time of his diagnosis, was losing a few pounds and never looking well, until he finally broke the inside track to everyone in an overly nonchalant, unbelievable way, similar to the way it plays out within the film.

An A-List Cast That DeliversThe actors within the film are almost perfect. Seth Rogen continues to be his likable goofball self, but a more relatable, subdued version. Anna Kendrick is excellent because the cautious, by-the-book psychologist, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is solely so good he never looks as if he’s acting. He just IS the nature. Also Bryce Dallas Howard is very good as just about the worst girlfriend ever. I’D have liked to peer much more of Anjelica Huston as Levitt’s character’s mom, however; she was a little bit underused.

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