Denise Van Outen Pictures For Red Nose Day

02 Oct

Credit: celebs/celeb-news 100/104 denise-van-outen-pictures-for-red-nose-day-flash-1043087-flash.jpg
You marvelled at her all-round beauty and Essex charm as hostof The large Breakfast, mumbled under your breath with mild envy as Jay Kay managedto nab her and feigned reluctance when the opposite half dragged you to look at her in thestage production of Chicago. Frankly, when it comes Denise Van Outen, there’snot much to not like — especially now that the lovely 36-year-old has beenenlisted because the ‘Walkers waxer’ on this year’s Clashof the Comics campaign, to lift over £1 million for Red Nose Day. As a part of the losers’ penalty, Jimmy Carr, Stephen Fry,Frank Skinner and Al Murray the pub landlord are facing the feared forfeit of beingstripped in their dignity (and hair!) in front in their peers and the general public by Deniseherself. By all accounts, that may appear to be quite a pleasurable losers’ prize in oureyes — but hey, maybe that’s just us. Denise, meanwhile could be very much lookingforward to allotting some pain to her victims: “Frank’s legs look likethey’ve been waxed already and that i don’t reckon Al has much hair either, giventhe baldness of his head. I’m hoping to get my hands on Jimmy!” The winning comedian who raises essentially the most money through salesof their very own limited edition crisp flavours (Jimmy Con Carrne, Stephen Fry Up, Frank RoastDinner and Steak & Al Pie are the contenders) can be announced at the 18thMarch. For more info, visit now, enjoy these here pictures. Continue Reading

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