Bossy Women

02 Oct

Credit: dating/curtsmith 500/599 bossy-women-have-less-sex-1051680-flash-1051680-flash.jpg
Wearing the trousers for your relationship can have so much to do with how frequently youget into your partner’s.A recent study done by John Hopkins BloombergSchool of Public Health showed that during relationships where women make most of thedecisions at home, there’s less sex.Theresearch evaluated relationships over six countries, and the measurement was based onwhether the lady or the person had the overall say on household decisions, or whetherdecisions were made jointly.We have a couple of guesses as to why the effects cameout the best way they did. For starters, “bossy” women can also be the other ofattractive, and men might go for free porn on the internet rather than climbing in bed with anag like Peggy Bundy. Also, women have something for dominant men, and in theserelationships, the person isn’t leading in any aspect, including sex, so there’sa lot less of it.Studies like this highlight another time why men want to takethe lead, in any other case they’ll just add to the count of sad stories of married men whohave sex at monthly or yearly intervals. Continue Reading

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