6 Disciplines for Reaching Customer Experience Maturity

02 Oct
By Megan Burns and Forrester Research
Practices required to design, implement, and manage CX in a disciplined way.

Most companies say they would like to tell apart themselves in keeping with an outstanding customer experience. However the reality may be very few have the capacity to provide an experience that really differentiates a brand from competitors. Consider the medical insurance industry: as a group, this complete industry is in its customer experience infancy, earning a “very poor” rating of just 53 (on a 100-point scale) in Forrester’s annual Customer Experience Index study.

So how can organizations excel at customer experience and advance to better levels of maturity? And the way can they sustain those advances once they’ve made them? The foundation for organizational maturity in any field stems from adopting and consistently performing a collection of sound, repeatable practices that result in excellence. On this planet of shopper experience, maturity is ready the level to which a company routinely performs the practices required to design, implement, and manage customer experience in a disciplined way.

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