Comics Go Crisp Crazy For Charity

30 Sep

Credit: celebs/celeb-news 100/103 comics-go-crisp-crazy-for-charity-flash-1039880-flash.jpg
British comedic stalwartsStephen Fry, Jimmy Carr, Frank Skinner, and Al Murrayhave teamed up with Walkers Crisps to create their very own flavours of crisps. Before you cry– ‘celebrity cash-in’ — don’t worry, because they’ll not be making a’packet’ from this endorsement, as it is all for charity. In therun as much as Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day Walkers are releasing four limited editionflavours of crisps — Stephen Fry Up, Jimmy Con Carrne, Frank Roast Dinner, and Steak andAl Pie — in a bid to boost £1m for Comic Relief. Each comic could be seeking to maketheir flavour the biggest-selling, as each packet sold Walkers will donate 5p to thecharity. The losing comedians are under threat of being waxed by a mystery‘beautician’, with the winner being announced on Red Nose Day, March 18, 2011. Continue Reading

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