Women And Babies

29 Sep

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Commitment is usually a taboo wordamong men, but now there’s even less reason to commit. Research by doctors in Canada has shown that girls today arehaving babies much later in life. The studyconducted by the Canadian Institute of Health Information showed that 20% of babies bornin Canada last year were to mothers aged 35 or over. In other words, that biological clock isn’t ticking so loudly, and with less pressure on womento have babies sooner, there’s less stress on men to commit earlier. There’s always been that magical barrier on the age of30 that neither sex particularly enjoys crossing single on account of thoughts of family, marriage and youngsters. However it looks as if society is evolving a bit of and that standardhas been pushed back by many years. Keep in mindthat the hazards of pregnancy increase in older women, but, overall, with women havingbabies later in life, there’s now more time for men to guage their situationbefore tying the knot. Continue Reading

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Posted by on September 29, 2011 in Magazine


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