Exclusive: Tom Hiddleston talks Avengers

29 Sep

“The fun thing about Loki is that he goes 1-on-1 with each Avenger,” Tom Hiddleston told Total Film in an exclusive interview. “Loki has become so menacing that all of them must team up and overcome their differences to prevent him.” Hiddleston’s now wrapped on Joss Whedon’s Superhero super-group mashup, an experience he relished. “It’s been probably the most incredible privilege to work with my very own heroes” Hiddleston admits. “The greatest superheroes on the earth played by one of the crucial greatest actors within the world.” So who was the hardest to fight? “I think I WILL dismiss the mere mortals, so Captain America could be a super soldier but he’s still a person and he’s up against Loki, who’s a God. I BELIEVE Iron Man’s blasters hurt a bit…” Hiddleston revealed. “But I BELIEVE it comes right down to his thunderous brother. No person is harder to fight than his brother because there’s all that angst within him. Thor still comes out on top.” For more on Tom Hiddleston and The Avengers take a look at the most recent issue of Total Film, on sale today.

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Posted by on September 29, 2011 in Magazine


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