Mark Millar talks Kick-Ass 2

28 Sep

Mark Millar was talking in regards to the sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass and it feels like there are still a couple of hurdles to triumph over before it might start production. “The thing in regards to the first movie is that it roughly exploded all our careers. People forget, but this was a $28m indie movie made within the UK. It grossed $100m at theatres and made the similar again and more on DVD and Blu-ray and got amazing reviews. So everybody involved suddenly got hired for one million different things, and re-forming the band again could be impossible,” he told the l. a. Times. Surely the forged can be up for a return in Kick-Ass 2? “Hopefully, we will be able to use the similar actors if and once we do a sequel, but getting Matthew to direct or Jane to write down a film at this budget can be very difficult because they’re superstars now they usually have projects in their own,” Millar said. “But there’s a window since the actors are all speculated to be in highschool and if this came out after 2013, for example, that window would have closed.” So how does he see things progressing? “I’d imagine, if this occurs any time soon, that Matthew will produce and probably co-write, like George Lucas did with The Empire Strikes Back, and hire a brand new director.” Just when TF is giving up all hope of seeing Kick-Ass 2 come to life, Millar throws us a lifeline: “I obviously know greater than I WILL say, but I BELIEVE people can be pretty pleased with the conversations we’ve been having.” Phew!

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Posted by on September 28, 2011 in Magazine


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