Women Moaning

15 Sep

Credit: dating/love tip 3800/3815 women-moaning-1049658-flash-1049658-flash.jpg
Fake breasts, fake butts, fake orgasms– and now fake moaning? Well, not exactly.The common perception in bed isthat when a lady moans, it’s from something you’ve done. Either you’vefinally found the little man within the boat, you’ve hit her G-spot orthe foreplay has preheated the oven.Not quite.Researchfrom the University of Central Lancashire shows that the noise a girl makes inbed isn’t directly correlated to her pleasure or her orgasm. As an issue of fact, herpurrs usually tend to come during her partner’s orgasms.Theresearchers found that ladies achieve this either as a result of a conscious decision to manipulatebehaviour (surprised?), desirous to will let you find your climax, or as a result of an idea of anidealised script of the way women are meant to act during sex.So whethershe’s cheering you on or merely playing the part, remember that her moansaren’t always associated with her own enjoyment. Continue Reading

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