Weight Gain After Marriage

15 Sep

Credit: dating/curtsmith 500/577 weight-gain-after-marriage-1049955-flash-1049955-flash.jpg
There’s some bad news for KrisHumphries, Peter Crouch and other newlyweds, supposedly en path to the chapel (likeShane Warne): A BRAND NEW study shows that your cover girl won’t be really easy and breezyon the load scales for far longer.Research provided by Ohio StateUniversity reveals that a change in marital status may have a huge impact on therelationship — quite literally. The burden changes of 10,000 people following bothmarriage and divorce were tracked between, which enlightened us with some heavy trends.Women usually tend to see large weight gains once they find someone to position aring on it. And by large weight gains, we’re talking within the region of 10 kilograms.For men, those forms of love handles kick in after separation.It’s atheory — and a terror — that has haunted many men: Will she get lazy along with her appearanceafter the marriage bells?Now that there’s some credence to it, thequestion becomes: How do you retain the after looking as sexy because the before? Continue Reading

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