Sean Lock Interview

15 Sep

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SeanLock’s Lockipedia: Guaranteed Lock and LOLs Sean Lock, TV comedian and quiz show stalwart, was a get up comic for over20 years, and is simply about to release his second live DVD, Sean Lock: Lockipedia. Thegenesis of the title is much from complicated, “The last one was called Sean LockLive, which was an inspired moment,” deadpanned Sean, “I came up with the nameLockipedia, because Locki sounds similar to Wiki… it really was that blatant.” Theshow sees Sean giving his verdict at the facts of life, and lines some audienceparticipation that truly puts Sean prompt. AskMen caught up with thecomic just because the tour was coming to and end, and we quizzed him at the trials andtribulations of life as a get up comic. Sean Lock: Lockipedia Live isout on DVD on November 22, 2010 AM: What sets Lockipedia apartfrom other live shows? SL: I do that thing within the show called’Audience Battleships’, where I’ll callout a seat number and whoever’s in that seat has to provide me their name, a letter,and any word beginning with that letter, then I see what I WILL do with it. It’simpossible to do it really, and that i think the audiences get that; they understand thatit’s an insane thing to do to yourself. The one reason I do it –without blowing my very own trumpet — is since the stand-up is so good, that I WILL affordthese moments where things can go anywhere. AM: Do you ever getstuck? SL: Oh yeah, the entire time, but it’s about how I getout of it. I just need to give you the option out of it somehow, and that’s when it becomesinteresting, it makes the show a lot more interesting for me to do. AM:When did you first realise that you can make people laugh, and that this was what youwanted to do? SL: I was quite lucky really, I fell into it by chance. Ijust used to visit pubs where that they had it on, and had a go at it. It was anescape from the workplace for me, I didn’t ever wish to be a comedian. I did it forabout a year and a half, before I realised I MAY make a living out of it, and gave up myjob. It was very lucky really that I DISCOVERED it, and that i had a good time inthose years where I didn’t really care about it. I used to jot down a couple of jokes, butthen I realised that it was a career and that I’d better work at it, and take a look at to getbetter at it. Next, has Sean ever used his talents to get him laid? Continue Reading

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