Promiscuity Debate

15 Sep

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According tofindings from the dating & sex questions on this year’s Great Male Survey,the subject of equality between the sexes is as confusing as ever. Whilst AskMen rounded up the attitudes of guys at the dating game, our friends over provided uswith the feminine perspective of items and something is obvious: in relation to thenotion of promiscuity, women and men not just have contrasting standards, but alsoextremely different expectations of each other.

Can you handle the truth?

Within the eyes of 30% of girls who took the survey, promiscuity in men begins whenever you hitthe 50 partners mark. Men alternatively cannot, and can not, get with the concept awoman can possibly be long-term partner material when she has a history of being so,well… open. The overpowering majority of fellows claimed that any woman who’s beenwith as much as 20 guys was putting it about an excessive amount of. All of which makes the question –“So, what number of guys have you ever been with then,” — trickier than ever for bothsexes to cope with: for men it’s the reality we can’t really handle, whilst formany women it’s the fact that they don’t wish to share.

Dual standards

In an age where sexual health is such crucial consideration, complete willingness toexperiment doesn’t just include potential risks to our physical health.There’s also another significant factor to think about; something pretty tough to mend onceit’s been affected — and that’s the reputation of a person. No matterwhat they tell you, women just like the idea of a man who ‘knows his way about thebedroom’; that’s to mention someone who has managed not just to draw women butalso knows what to do when he’s with them. If you’ve got a penis, experience worksvery much to your favour, providing you may be honest and personally, I’m yet to fulfill a‘ladies man’, a ‘player’ or a ‘cassanova’ whose labelwas a burden on him. Meanwhile, there are not any such flattering accolades on offer for womenwho enjoy regular action between the sheets — particularly not from other women. Andanyway, why should there be?

Easy rider

In the case of cues of attraction, something important to both sexes is the importanceof challenge. Take any female cast member of Geordie Shore, as an example. Even supposing they weresomething to take a look at (I’ve checked again and they’re definitely not) the mainthing which scores them down within the estimation of your average man is they have allof the attributes of ladies who’re ‘easy’. Ultimately, no man actually wants a girl withthe same sexual standards as himself and the concept that you do not have to install any workfor your reward isn’t an even sign. If she’s offered it to you on a plate, then it’sless than likely that you are the just one who got in there early. Forall the hours we men spend fascinated by sex and sizing up the bedroom-potential of womenwe often haven’t any intention of getting a talk with, one surprising message standsout on this year’s Great Male Survey. Sex is good, but there’s nothing tomatch an excellent relationship — and we all know it. Most folks — 66% of British men — like theidea of marriage and long-term commitment. We also embrace the theory offreedom of both sexes to do what we adore. But being judged on equal terms? That’snot something any folks are quite ready for.ReadSoFeminine’s perspective at the debate here.Click herefor more Great Male Survey 2011results. Continue Reading

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