Change The way in which She Dresses

15 Sep

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She was hot to trot while you met her: tight jeans and body-hugging vest. Now a couple of yearshave passed, and she’s wearing joggers and saggy T-shirts. Or maybe she was alwaysclad the best way she is now, and also you just wish she would try something different. What’sa man to do? You continue to love her, just not her look. So how do you coax her to switch herwardrobe without hurting her feelings or seeming like a boor?

Think You’ll be able to Change Her?

First and foremost, you can’t change who she is. She is similar person you fell in lovewith, and unexpectedly asking her to modify isn’t fair. If she’s a tomboy atheart, she’s not likely to suddenly don heels, and also you shouldn’t expect her todo so. At the flip side, many men desire a woman who dresses sexily to suddenly wear moreconservative attire because they’re in a relationship. Not likely to happen (unless you’re the abusive,controlling type, and that’s a distinct situation altogether). You cannotfundamentally change an individual. Full stop.But when you believe she’s opento change, give her some encouragement. There are a myriad of reasons for a way women chooseto dress: to precise themselves, to cover something, because they’re insecure,because they’re very secure, etc. If she’s terrified of wearing body-consciousclothes or sexy lingerie, she will not be comfortable being perceived as a sexual object orshe will have body issues. You must realize this is not going to happenovernight.

Start Slowly

Let her know that she is the freshest thing for the reason that sun and that you simply love seeing herlook sexy. Buy her something you locate alluring but not excessive. For example, ifshe’s an entire tomboy, don’t ask her to wear a tight-fitting, low-cut dress.Start off by suggesting she wear skinny jeans and a loose-fitting scoop-neck vest. Ifshe’s good with jeans but not such a lot with dresses, propose a knee-length,form-fitting number, like a strapless pencil dress. In other words, don’t go from 0to 60. Get her to decorate sexier in increments. If you would like help, pick up a way magazinelike Cosmopolitan or Glamour — keep away from the high-endVogue — for some ideas. Or better yet, visit an elegant but low-key store likeTopshop, Uniqlo or perhaps a department store like Selfridges, and ask the salesgirl for alittle help.Read on for more ways tochange the best way she dresses (and for an additional photo of our fantasy girl, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)… Continue Reading

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