She Wants Kids

14 Sep

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We’re collecting the ten craziest, most painful and/or hilarious stories fromyou, our readers, about her (or your) decision to begin a family. Send yours to us at, or leave a commentbelow.Do you’ve gotten nightmares of three a.m. nappy changes? Do youfear the sound of your child’s footsteps waking you up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morningbecause he’s able to play with stuffed animals? Have you been on an airplane, justsettling in, and the screamingbaby starts up? It starts as a whimper, after which it goes to full-blown screams. Theparents haven’t any control over it, and for the following four and a half hours, instead ofwatching the movie, you retain thinking to yourself, “Why doesn’t BA have an airlinejust for kids, to allow them to get to wherever without annoying the entire otherpassengers?”The woman you’re with talks about how amazing it’d be tostart a family, howbeautiful it’d be to share all that love with children for your life. Meanwhile, youthink to yourself that you just like life just how it is true now. You’ve gotfreedom, independence, no responsibilities. You’ll be able to visit dinner wherever you need. Youcan exit however long you want. To you, the concept of going out todinner and playing “bounce the newborn back and forth” so one person can eatwhile the opposite entertains the newborn actually makes your stomach turn. The concept ofgetting up at 5 a.m. doesn’t attract you in any way.Yet your girlfriend, whois so in love with you, desires to have kids. She can’t wait to breast feed. You do not wantanybody or anything on her breasts except you.

break up: the most productive thing to do?

Do you recognize the image I’m painting for you? You’re with a lady who sodesires to have children, but you notice children as parasites. You think that kids are nuisances.You just don’t see yourself as a father, butsince she came along, you’ve asked yourself every day, “Can I do it? Do I reallywant kids? If I don’t want kids, am i able to keep dating her anyway?”Ifeverything I’ve just said resonates with you, then you definitely are going to be miserable withchildren. You’ll basically give yourself a jail sentence for the remainder of your life.You’ll surrender the nice car and drive a minivan instead. Your girlfriend, who will nowbecome your wife, will now not make you are feeling desired. You really liked being the apple of hereye, but you’ll come second to the youngsters. It’s everything you do not want.The final analysis is that she wants children and also you don’t. So how do you agree? Howdo you retain her and still be fair to either one of you? Here’s the solution: You do not compromise.You don’t stick with her. Unless you will discover yourself changing diapers or because the guyon the airplane, apologising to your baby’s incessant crying, you are not cut outfor having kids.More on breaking apart with her, next… Continue Reading

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