Royal Wedding News: The massive Day

14 Sep

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There’s not up to per week to move until London involves a virtual standstill for thetelevision event of the century thus far: the royal wedding hype machine is out of controland the random info generator surrounding the large day is now in relentless overddirve. Frankly though, there’s only such a lot a person can take. And as a man, there’s onlyso much you want to care about. For example, we wouldn’t expect you to present a flying frockabout which outfit Fearne Cotton chooses to wear for her royal wedding BBC broadcast, norwould we be prone to show you much respect if you happen to knew whose table Sir Elton John isgoing to be sharing.That said, we predict you would like to know these four things thatwe’ve learned about theroyal wedding this week

It’s a wedding made for the movies

Or no less than for DVD anyway. Never ones to overlook out on a chance to document (cashin on) significant moments in history, at the screen, our American cousins dropped thestink bomb of a low budget TV movie called Kate and William: The Movie — athoroughly cheesy interpretation of the history behind the union of the royal couple,wholly lacking in accuracy, but scoring high on ludicrous content.Whenit hits UK shelves in May, do yourself a favour and ignore your better half’s requests torent it out. Judging by one of the “highlights” of the film that experience come to ourattention, including a scene of Prince William wooing Kate with some shocking karaokeskills, we’d sooner recommend you delight in a marathon session of TheOnly Way Is Essex.

It’s great for the economy

The anti-royal protesters and wacky anarchists like to use the argument of the royalwedding being an unnecessary expense to the good British public, however the truth is it’sproviding an enormous boost to the economy. To the tune of an estimated £480 million infact. Memoribila will shift by the bucketload after all but shop ownerscan also rejoice within the knowledge that they have got an additional day of bank holiday takings tolook forward to.

Kate Middleton is sweet enough to eat

The longer term princess of Wales could have felt weirded out by the speculation of getting a toy dollmade in her image recently, but frankly these are the type of things that she’ll find arepar for the course once you’ve accepted a wedding proposal from an heir to the throne.The latest object “created’ in her likeness may strike Kate as being slightlydistateful, however: last week, Wesley Hosie of Taunton noticed the markings on one among herred and yellow mango jelly beans gave the impression to reflect Kate’s facial expression. His askingprice for the beautified bean? A not up to sweet starting price of £500. Continue Reading

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