Colin Firth Interview

14 Sep

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Colin Firth admits that stuttering for his role as King GeorgeVI of england was a painful experience. While making The King’s Speech, hefelt a paralysing strain in his throat and facial muscles, suffered from headaches andexperienced tingling and immobility in his left arm. Firth says he even found it hard tostop stammering when filming wrapped. “Even after I discuss it now,” hesays, “I am at risk of losing my flow.” However the stammer was all-important tohis character, Prince Albert, the reluctant royal forced to take the crown in 1936 whenhis brother, King Edward VIII, abdicated the British throne in an effort to marry a divorcedAmerican socialite. Within the film, Albert (called “Bertie” by hiswife) was at risk of anger and depression, and was ashamed of his stutter. On account of it, hefelt he wouldn’t make an efficient king. However the King’s Speech tellsthe story of his work to conquer the stammer and the way it spurred his proud legacy because the king whohelped Britain face down the Nazis during WWII. For all of the physical pain thestammering caused Firth, it sure paid off, as he scooped the award for best actor at the2011 Oscars.

Was the Royal family acutely aware of the shoot?

I don’t know what approaches were made to them. David Seidler, thewriter, wrote to the Queen Mother (King George VI’s Queen and mother to PrincessElizabeth and Princess Margaret) about 40 years ago requesting her blessing in doing thisstory. She said, “Please don’t do it in my lifetime. The memories of theevents are too painful.” He didn’t expect her to live to 101. It was a longwait, but he has numerous integrity. And he’s within the character; there may be the old adagethat every murals is a self-portrait. The Bertie I’m playing is as much his asit is history’s. He’d overcome a stammer as a child, so it was something thatbrought me in the direction of that.

Bertie was a sympathetic character, although he seemed too weak to beking

I think he just felt so suffocated by fear. Bravery is what you finish updoing; it’s not the way you feel. You don’t feel brave. For those who feel brave,you’re not likely being brave because there’s nothing to be brave about. And,second, he was funny, for those who read anything he wrote, and we had access to hisdiaries. It’s all in there to boot in case you read quotes from this man thataren’t political speeches but private letters and reported conversations.And I BELIEVED that was an important sign of character.

It’s said that comedians often have dark sides, as hedid

Some people would say comedydraws from some dark places, out of your dark stuff. Life’s great optimistsaren’t necessarily the funniest people. The road about stammering at the letter“W,” that came from the diaries. I DISCOVERED that and said, “Please, can wehave it in that scene?” It didn’t belong to that speech in reality, but hesaid it afterwards. These were the words spoken by these men. As I said, it’s notthe pinnacle of wit, nevertheless it shows he has a way of humour about him. Continue Reading

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