Andy Murray’s Mother

14 Sep

Credit: dating/vanessa 150/165 andy-murrays-mother-1048066-flash-1048066-flash.jpg
Judy Murray is creating a good fist of saying the award for many Embarrassing Old Dear ofthe Year. So far as personalities go, son Andy has earned a name as aman who’s never really proud of his lot: in his press conferences he wears the look of aman sentenced to death row – and that is the reason after he’s won a match. And when he’s atwork at the court, Murray’s mood goes through more swings than his racket. As sulky and sullen as he’s though, we couldn’t help but feel somewhat forhim this week over his mum’s public conduct… 50-year-old would-be sugarmama, Judy admitted on Twitter to having a crush on her son’s quarter-finalopponent, Feliciano (she’s dubbed him Deliciano), before tweeting a flirtacious messageregarding Lewis Hamilton, whom she met this week. Frankly, it isn’t really on.Credit where it’s due, Judy has done a sterling job of raising Britain’s firstgenuine Wimbledon-hope of the last 80 years, but openly declaring that she fancies menalmost half her age doesn’t quite sit well. Frankly that is unnaceptable mum-behaviour.When it involves embarassing mums, who’re the worst culprits? What arethe ultimate unacceptable mum behaviours?Hit us up on Twitter (@AskMenUK) to tell us yoursuggestions and we’ll publish the most efficient of the bunch next week… Continue Reading

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