Why an Apple Fanboy Would need to Work for Microsoft

13 Sep
By Zachary Lym
Don’t attempt to play the institutional buy-in game better—just change the rules.

For most, working for Microsoft is like working for IBM, Motorola, and even Boeing. Microsoft is a stable, if boring, tech company that pays well and provides a generous benefits package. Just where for a 30-something “knowledge worker” seeking to settle right into a long career.

However, Microsoft hasn’t ever perceived to understand usability; to the user, the interface is the product. Microsoft’s monopolistic ability to disregard stability, usability, and each other facet of product quality but still dominate within the 1990s and early 2000s drove me insane. Ex-Microsofties I’d run into in Seattle described Microsoft’s culture as a soul-sucking corporate bureaucracy, suffocating every good idea with groupthink and over-management. Up until last night, listing Microsoft on my resumé would was embarrassing black mark smeared across my Past Employers section.

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Source: UX Magazine

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