Tom Hardy’s Bane could have a voice box at midnight Knight Rises

13 Sep

Tom Hardy’s Bane will sound scarier than Scream’s Ghostface killer if the most recent Dark Knight Rises set reports are to be believed.

The actor is outwardly using a voice box to regulate the pitch and tone of Bane’s villainous vocals.

Despite the unique rumour source being The Sun – the hallowed tome that when reported Eddie Murphy playing the Riddler in Batman 3 as fact – this one seems fairly realistic.

Bane’s voice must be intimidating, to compare Bale’s intense delivery of Batman’s lines, because the characters are meant to be equals within the terror stakes. 

So we are going to chalk this one down as an overly realistic rumour.

After all, if Christian Bale and Tom Hardy are both doing gravelly voices using only their vocal chords, the production crew must double the throat-sweet budget. 

That could run to billions. 

But let’s accept it, despite the fact that they both seemed like Alvin from Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Threequel, we’d still be on the front of the queue when The Dark Knight Rises is released on 20 July, as we’re pretty sure it is going to be essentially the most awesome thing ever. 

 What do you think that Bane should sound like? Are you keen on Bale’s Batman voice? Let us know below!

Source: Total Film News

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