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13 Sep

Last Updated: September 12, 2011 11:37am ET

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If you would like to know “why movies suck,” read the brand new book, “Writing Movies for Fun and Profit.” What? You might be too busy to read B.S. put out by Hollywood flakes.  (THAT IS exactly what I said.) Listed below are the details as told by Kyle Smith of the brand new York Post.

#1 – There’s an excessive amount of money chasing too few deals: “Hollywood is worked up to cash checks from Greenwich [hedgefund] horn dogs who wish to meet Anna Faris. So way too many movies get made.”

“A child of 5 would understand this.
Send someone to fetch a kiof 5?..” -Groucho Marx

#2 – Originality gets you fired: “Studio executives aren’t worrying about learn how to make good movies. They’re worrying about how to not get fired and in the event that they make a film similar to any other movie they may be able to say, “It worked before. Who knew it wouldn’t work again? Am i able to please stay on this nice comfy office?”

#3 – The buyer is usually right: “If the crowds demand cinematic Funyuns, someone goes to supply them and get rich within the process. Greed is inseparable from taste.”

Hate to be that guy, but if reading the Kyle Smith quotes above, don’t you think that of industrial real estate investors?  Like, are you able to imagine 15 bids for a 4.2% cap rate multifamily asset that’s ho hum but individuals are buying these deals and the cash source won’t ever complain about multifamily? Yep, sounds identical, although we never get to satisfy Anna Faris!

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