The Bieb Gets Serenaded by a Beluga

13 Sep
He sang his way into the hearts of millions of teenybopper girls, but this time it was Justin Bieber who got serenaded. On Tuesday, the pop star heard the sweet chirping sounds made by a beluga whale, otherwise referred to as the canary of the sea.Bieber spent the afternoon with a 1,700-lb. male whale named Beethoven on the Beluga & Friends interactive program at Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium. Throughout the intimate experience, the white marine mammal displayed his high-pitched sounds and let the star feed him fish.

The singer donned a wet suit for the hands-on encounter, which permits visitors to behave as trainers and wade within the water alongside the majestic sea creature. Bieber gained a friend in the course of the experience and shared a photograph of them together on Twitter.

“Hung out with a brand new friend yesterday,” he wrote.

Bieber is not the first star to seek out a buddy in Beethoven. Actress Betty White has visited the whale twice or even wrote a chapter about him in her new book, For those who Question me (and naturally You Won’t).

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