Star Wars Blu-ray launch sees The Empire invade London

13 Sep

UK Star Wars fans today became the primary on the earth to get their hands at the Complete Saga on Blu-ray and Lucasfilm used the launch to kick of per week of events within the capital. Darth Vader and a sinister fleet of Stormtroopers took to the streets of London for an Imperial March – beginning at St. James’ Park and ending at HMV on Oxford Street. Tomorrow Anthony Daniels (come now padawan, he’s C-3PO!) will meets fans on the grand opening of the HMV on the new Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, where he’ll be signing copies. Daniels revealed this week that he thought Star Wars was “ridiculous” when he first read it. "I hated sci-fi. I BELIEVED Star Wars was ridiculous once I first saw the script. A princess and not using a kingdom, a few blokes, a few robots and a large hairy thing?” he told The Mirror, before adding: “But I grew to like it. George Lucas was a genius – smarter than Shakespeare.” He also said that he was originally signed to secrecy for the reason that studio wanted the audience “to believe C-3PO was an actual robot” and that he only wore a leotard under his costume to film throughout the very popular English summer. On Thursday 15 September Daniels will press a button from inside an official launch party on the BT Tower. The result may be to project a huge blue light from the highest of the building, turning it into the world’s largest lightsaber. Will this be enough to check the words of Darth Vader and “be an afternoon long remembered”? Or will most London fans see that light and think “Noooooooooo!”

Source: Total Film News

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