Sex With Strangers

13 Sep

Sex With Strangers

Pretty woman in the street – Credit:

Breaking news…men don’t really want any convincing in any respect to have sex with women. In relation to nookie —  us men will do it anyhow and anywhere. All we’d like is a hot woman. Okay then,  the recent part is optional.Now, we had an small inkling that this may be the case, but scientists have only gone and spent a number of money on a survey to make sure our suspicion. We all know what you’re thinking: If only they’d read AskMen they may have saved themselves a couple of bob. But listed below are the result of the study anyhow. Concentrate now.

When a good looking lady approached a random male at the street, a whopping 97% of guys agreed to return to her place in no time for a drink, and 83% said yes to immediate sex. Apparently the speculation of her potentially being somewhat a psycho chick didn’t come into it at all.

But here’s the interesting part: when it came to average looking girls, the trust ratio went down significantly. When a not-so-hot girl approached, only 80% of guys agreed to return to her place while a paltry 60% went for the immediate sex option.

In contrast, not even 1% of girls agreed to the similar proposition when the tables were turned.

We can’t say the findings are revolutionary, but on this day and age, would you trust any old stranger who you’d just met within the street, if she invited you back to her place?

Source: Dating & Sex on AskMen

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