Photographer Sues LA Times for Copyright Infringement

13 Sep

By Conor Risch

Photographer David Strick has filed suit against the l. a. Times for infringing on his copyright. In keeping with the complaint made by Strick’s lawyers, which was filed in May and was first reported last week by The Wrap, the los angeles Times and other Websites owned by the Tribune Company, the Times’s parent company, published hundreds of Strick’s images after terminating their contract with Strick on May 28, 2010. The suit was filed in May in Federal district court in L. a..  

Strick, a veteran Hollywood photographer, had a freelance with the los angeles Times from 2007 until 2010. During that point he shot images cited within the case behind-the-scenes at the sets of several films, including “Burlesque,” “THE GOLF GREEN Hornet,” “Everything Must Go,” and “Priest.”

The suit claims a minimum of 510 separate violations of Strick’s copyright across several Tribune-owned Web sites.

At the core of the dispute is a suite of pictures Strick uploaded to the days’ FTP site that went unpublished until after the Times terminated their contract with Strick in May 2010. Consistent with the suit, after learning the days was terminating his contract, Strick wrote to the days asserting his copyright for the unpublished images.

Strick’s agreement with the days stated that he was the copyright holder for all images he made while under contract for the days. (BUT THE language acknowledging Strick’s copyright ownership is contained in an agreement that was never countersigned by a Times representative.)

The suit also states that Strick properly registered his copyright for all the images, though he didn’t accomplish that until October 2010, months after his lawyers had sent cease and desist letters to the days.

According to the suit, the Times responded to Strick’s copyright assertions by arguing they had the appropriate “by implication” to publish any of the pictures Strick uploaded to their FTP site.

Strick, who’s now a contributing photographer to The Hollywood Reporter, is suing for unspecified damages and legal fees.


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