Online dating website quantifies the price of dating younger ladies and identifies the proper age gap

13 Sep, the primary and only online personals where singles can purchase and sell first dates, announced the result of a five month long study to figure out the correct dating age gap between men and women, and to quantify the price of dating younger ladies online.

The study checked out the cost of over 100,000 first dates between older men and young women. The dating study found that each one else being equal, women are most drawn to men who’re six (6) years older than they are.

“Women are inclined to mature faster than men. For this reason, most girls don’t love to date men around their age or who’re younger than they are,” says Brandon Wade, a web based dating expert and the Founder & CEO of “Our online dating study shows that girls generally like to date men who’re approximately six years older than they are, but who’re not up to ten years older.”

Paying to near the Age Gap Disadvantage

However, there’s a twist to the age gap study: Older men with money can close the dating age gap disadvantage with money.

On an internet dating marketplace where the verdict to head on a primary date could also be influenced by the amount of cash offered, it was shown that men who need to date women over 10 years younger than themselves need to pay approximately 13% greater than the typical to near once a year of age gap. The dating study shows that everything else being equal, a person who’s 40 years older should pay approximately 400% (or 4 times) greater than a person who’s only 10 years older to draw the interest of the similar woman.

“People are generally shallow and materialistic in the case of first impression on an internet dating website. Luckily for older men, once they fall outside of a woman’s list of shallow attraction criteria equivalent to looks or age gap, money is the one factor that may level the playing field,” says Brandon Wade, who holds a BS and an MBA degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “Money can close the age gap disadvantage by helping an older man get the primary date. When he’s at the first date, he’ll now have the risk to turn off his personality and entice a woman’s deeper set of attraction criteria.”

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