Online dating inhibits users from gaining social skills

13 Sep

Which of the 2 would you need to tell your kids? “I broke his nose once I bend-and-snapped,” or, “We met on Blendr.” Sadly, more persons are beginning to tell their children that they met on Blendr or another online dating website. Granted, life isn’t a Disney movie, but why should anyone must accept a lame story in the event that they don’t want one? Online dating websites make meeting people convenient and straightforward for the shy, but with the improvement of location-based dating apps, dating have been taken over by insecurity and should have crossed the road. The latest iPhone app, Blendr, is a first-rate example of this. Blendr is a location-based mobile network allowing users to connect with other users nearby. It permits them to choose who can see their profile and provides their approximate location. While the app is handy, it takes clear of the joys of meeting new people. The initial awkwardness of meeting someone new is what makes that bond unique. It also gives the chance to offer oneself without the preconceived notions given by a profile picture.

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Source: Dating News Now!

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