Nice Guys

13 Sep

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You’ve heard the lament before: Women complain about men behaving like arseholes,yet they return time and time again to the fellow who doesn’t shower them with rosesor worship the bottom they walk on. Meanwhile, you’re trying your best to be Mr.Nice Guy and also you finally end up within the “friend” category. So what gives? Why do niceguys finish last?

Nice guys don’t look like good protectors

Maybe it goes back to the times of our cave-dwelling ancestors, but historically, men havealways protected women. Nice guysdon’t appear to be they may be able to defend themselves, less a girl. There won’t begiant woolly mammoths looking to take us out, but there are still burglars and bad guys,and women need to feel just like the guy they’re with can care for them.

Nice guys try too hard

Nice guys put women on a pedestal, acting as though she’s some type of goddess. They gooverboard with their affection.They come on too strong, too quick. They set aside their very own needs for her. Women arehuman, too, and we don’t wish to be placed on a pedestal that’s easy to fall offof.

Nice guys are predictable

Many of us lead pretty predictable lives. They get married,have two kids, visit work, retire. Women don’t wish to add to that by dating a guywho goes to be so predictable they know his every move. Everyone likes a littleexcitement and spontaneity. Women need to know that they’re going to have a good time withthe guy they’re with, not have a sleep fest.

Nice guys appear to be doormats

Nice guys almost never speak up when something irks them and seldom state what they wantor need for fear that conflict will lead to losing their friend or girlfriend. Lettingpeople walk in all places you without putting in any boundaries signals that you just probablydon’t have a backbone. No spine equals no respect. It’s hard to respect a guywho lets other folks treat him poorly. Plus, if you’re too afraid to rock the boat,it signals that you just probably won’t get up for her either. And that’s notattractive to any woman.

Nice guys expect niceness

Nice guys expect that because they’re so super-sweet that folks should reply to themin kind. However the problem is that they allow their very own emotions and feelings to take a backseat, for the sake of alternative people, and when people don’t reciprocate, theyplay the a part of the victim. No woman desires to maintain a man with a martyr complex. Itwas fitting for Joan of Arc, not the person you’re dating.More reasons whynice guys finish last after the jump… Continue Reading

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