Michael Fassbender: ‘Jane Eyre Is the same To Twilight’

13 Sep

It’s all about forbidden love…

Michael Fassbender: 'Jane Eyre Is Similar To Twilight'Photo:

X-Men: First-class star Michael Fassbender has claimed that his new movie Jane Eyre is rather like the Twilight Saga.

The actor, who plays Mr Rochester within the Jane Eyre remake, has admitted he thinks that the flicks are similar because they both be aware of forbidden love.

During an interview with Bang Showbiz, Fassbender explained why his character Rochester attracts female audiences: “WHEN YOU FIND YOURSELF reading Jane Eyre he’s like ‘Sit down, take a seat sit down.’ These women gave the impression to benefit from the torture of the relationships but on this story there may be the redemption on the end.”

Fassbender added: “I’ve said before, maybe I’m wrong, the flicks just like the Twilight Saga have the similar kind of structure, like a love that may never exist, women appear to go crazy for these varieties of things.”

The actor also revealed he only read Charlotte Bronte’s classic story in 2004 and that his mum and sister, both big Jane Eyre fans, where those who pushed him to read the novel.

”I didn’t get round to reading Jane Eyre in my teenage years at school,” he continued. “I first came to it in about 2004 but my mum and my sister had mentioned it, they both loved the Bronte sisters they usually saw the film and enjoyed it, they’re very honest, that is always nice.”

Do you think that Twilight and Jane Eyre are similar?

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