Inspiring Men: Ross Kemp

13 Sep

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Dr. Denis Mukwege – Congolese gynecologist

Ross Kemp: “Dr. Mukwege runs Panzi hospital in Bukavu in theeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. I FEEL he’s done 20,000 or so operations onwomen who’ve experienced everything from gang rape to having molten plastic bottles stuckup their vaginas or arses. I LIKE him greatly because he’s selfless andwithout any roughly want for recognition, he saves lives each day. Imet him when while I USED TO BE doing a documentary concerning the rape and the murder that’s going onin the country, over the past year. I USED TO BE amazed on the ability that he needs to be such agreat individual in this type of bad environment. People never cease to amaze me as tothe amount of evil they may be able to commit, in addition to the volume of fine they are able to do. For all thebad people I’ve met on my journeys I’ve met some incredibly good people likehim. It’s always a little odd whilst you come again from somewhere wherepeople are becoming killed. It usually takes a few weeks to re-adjust. Luckily for me,I get to escape for a month and a little bit at a time, whereas the folks who I meet on mytravels stay where they’re and continue to experience these things.”Ross Kemp is the writer of six bestselling books. Devil To Pay, hisfirst adult fiction title, is published by Arrow and is out now. Continue Reading

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