IBC: DVS extends Clipster’s features, shows storage

13 Sep
Back to Daily News IBC: DVS extends Clipster’s features, shows storage
September 12, 2011 AMSTERDAM — On the IBC show, Germany’s DVS ( is showing enhancements to its Clipster DI workstation. Along with a longer feature set for DCI mastering, Clipster now enables Mezzanine Format Mastering for the Interoperable Master Format (IMF). 

As a mezzanine format, IMF allows rapid versioning of various distribution formats. It’s also possible to record directly and losslessly in JPEG2000 file sequences. Support for the AVC-Intra Class 200 codec, that is a part of Panasonic’s AVC-Ultra codec group, was added too.

DVS’s multichannel video server, Venice, sports new features too. Along with codecs reminiscent of JPEG2000 and AVC-Intra Class 200, Venice also supports Avid ISIS and Interplay, allowing it to handling stereo 3D material. The scale of the DVS video server has also changed. Venice is now available in a 2U chassis offering space for as much as 9TB of internal storage.

The company can even show two versions of its SpycerBox storage solution. SpycerBox Flex offers realtime support of 5 uncompressed 2K video streams in parallel. The answer has a storage capacity of 43.2TB. SpycerBox Ultra provides as much as 72TB of storage with RAID-5 protection. The systems offer high performance in networks with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux clients.

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