Getty Announces 2011 Editorial Grant Winners

13 Sep

by David Walker

©Walter Astrada, 2011 Getty Images Editorial Photography Grant winner

Five photojournalists has been named winners of the 2011 Getty Images Editorial Grants.

Alvarro Ybarra Zavala, Walter Astrada, Stanley Greene, Liz Hingley, and Joan Bardeletti have each won a $20,000 grant from Getty to pursue their ongoing documentary projects. The grants are awarded annually to supply photojournalists with support “to pursue project of private and journalistic significance,” Getty says.

Zavala’s project, called “Colombia, within the eternity of sorrow,” explores how the struggle over drug trafficking and natural resources have replaced political ideology because the motive force of the nation’s 40-year civil war. Zavala have been covering the war for the past eight years.

Astrada will use his grant to travel to Norway to complete his ongoing worldwide project about violence against women. He describes the issue, which crosses all cultural, social, and economic boundaries,  because the” most widespread example of a human rights violation, going largely unpunished.” He has previously explored the subject in Guatemala, Congo, and India.

Liz Hingley is pursuing a project called “MAINTAINING with the Jones’s,” which she explains will humanize “the overwhelming–and often dry and incomprehensible–statistics” about child poverty within the UK. Thirty percent of UK children live in poverty, she says, and he or she was documenting one family particularly to convey “the meaning–and the experience–of genuine deprivation throughout the context of a wealthy country.”

Bardeletti’s project, called “The Kill (the African Gays) Bill” takes its name from a proposed law in Uganda that will impose death sentences on some homosexuals, including people who find themselves HIV positive. Bardeletti will explore how Uganda landed “on the frontline of the hassle by extremist Christian churches to spread across Africa draconian measures against Gays and Lesbians,” and the way anti-gay legislation is creeping into surrounding countries.

Greene’s project, called “The E-Waste Trail,” “tracks the afterlife of our electronic trash, as corporations and governments make irresponsible, yet lucrative, deals, at enormous injury to the world’s most vulnerable citizens,” Greene says. The problem, he explains, is that electronic devices are stuffed with toxic metals that poison the surroundings and sicken people who find themselves exposed to it.  

Those projects were selected from greater than 400 applications for this year’s Getty Editorial Grants. The corporate says that judges selected winners at the strength of applicants’ portfolios, project merit, and professional ability to execute proposed projects.

This year’s judges included photojournalist Tom Stoddart, Visa Pour l’Image Director General Jean-Francois Leroy, The Sunday Times Director of Photography Jon Jones, Le Figaro Director of Photography Cyril Drouhet, and Marie Claire (Italy) Photo Editor Emanuela Mirabelli.


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