Clapham Christmas Bash – Friday November 30, 2007 @ The Hydro Bar, London SW

13 Sep

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The ultimate Lock & Key party?  We predict so!

We don’t believe in too many gimmicks at Original Dating.

The formula for our parties is very simple. We attract up to 150 single young professionals and ensure there is a equal 50:50 male/female split.

We then provide you with the perfect icebreaker which lets you meet as many new people in a single night as you like.

No bizarre games and no embarrassing photo wall. Only a lot of individuals with the easiest icebreaker in a perfect venue playing great music and serving great drinks! And we do not rip you off. You just won’t find another similar event that beats us on price either. You can’t afford to overlook this night!

Why it’s a must to come to this party!

  • 50:50 Male/Female split

  • Everyone’s single!

  • A free drink on arrival

  • Real icebreaker included

  • Up to 150 people attending

  • Music you’ll be able to talk and listen to over!

  • Meet single people from all over the place London

  • Prize draw those who have mingled the most

  • NOT a squeeze – numerous space for you to mingle

  • Venue hired exclusively for our party

  • Our icebreakers on hand!

Click here for more details on our Lock & Key Parties

Click here to view pictures of our Valentines Night 2006 Lock & Key Party!







  Clapham Christmas Bash – Friday November 30, 2007 @ The Hydro Bar, London SW
The festive season is coming and it is time to pull yourself a cracker at our Clapham Christmas Bash! Our parties are always great fun and ensure that you are going to meet a lot of people and this one could be no exception! We feature a delicious champagne cocktail on arrival to you get you within the festive sprit then it is time meet a variety of new individuals with our superb lock and key icebreaker! The icebreaker ensures that you’re going to meet people aplenty. Ticket includes EN

The Hydro Bar, 137-139 St. John’s Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 1TD

    Click here for a map


020 7924 6167 – Please note this is not a booking line.

  Venue Details:


Clapham Junction (overland) Station

  Age Guide:

23 – 37


EARLY BIRD PRICE – JUST 9.95! – STARTS 7.30pm until late. (Lock & Key icebreaker lasts for the primary 2 hours) Tickets include a cocktail for strictly for arrivals before 8pm and FREE entry to The Clapham Grand nightclub (worth £15.00!) for afters. Don’t miss this one!




SOLD OUT OR Call 020 7323 6730 for offline bookings

Sold out? Call us to enroll in the waiting list

  Driving? There is proscribed free parking (after 6.30pm) available on side streets surrounding this venue.
    Booking info: If you have an interest in booking a spot at this event online booking is simple and 100% secure. Click the booking link above and you’ll be asked to go into your contact details plus the details of these you desire to book for you’ll. have to have your friends email addresses so as book places for them.
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