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Today we’re continuing the male-centric part of our ongoing series of interviews with the celebs of Lifetime’s DROP DEAD DIVA with the boss of the legal practice at the show and the principle love interest for Kate Levering‘s character, Kim: the affable and charming stage and screen star Josh Stamberg. Along with dishing all about Season 3 of DROP DEAD DIVA and the long run for Parker, Kim and corporate on the legal firm, Stamberg and that i also discuss a number of the various guest stars at the show this season and seasons past – Liza Minnelli, Sharon Lawrence and Faith Prince included – in addition to how he sees Parker himself, his own insights into the complex character and what he feels the longer term holds for his relationships at the show – Kim, Jane and beyond. Along with all things DIVA-related, Stamberg and that i also discuss his many past stage and screen appearances, including: his unforgettable work as Sarge on SIX FEET UNDER and what it was like working with creator Alan Ball, in addition to his role at the Aaron Sorkin-scripted series STUDIO 60 AT THE SUNSET STRIP, plus: working on the Williamstown Theatre Festival and Atlantic Theatre Company, doing the workshop of A GENTLE RAIN (and finally getting replaced by Hugh Jackman), doing FRACTURED with Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins, acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Watts in Clint Eastwood’s forthcoming film J. EDGAR, his favorite work experiences so far, roles he’s yearning to essay at some point both near and much and much, much more!

Over the process the last several weeks, we now have been taking an intensive take a look at the sights and sounds both onscreen and onset of the hit TV dramedy series DROP DEAD DIVA – new episodes airing Sunday nights at 9 PM on Lifetime – featuring exclusive interviews with the leading lady divas and stalwart supporting men at the LA-based supernatural legal series. Featuring a memorable selection of musical performances and Broadway guest stars through the years – Paula Abdul, Rosie O‘Donnell, Delta Burke and plenty of more included – DROP DEAD DIVA is the quintessential TV series for Broadway babies searching for some laughs and levity – the latter available in lots of more ways than one, given the show’s heavenly aspirations. DROP DEAD DIVA centers on a legal eagle named Jane whose body acts because the means for the indomitable spirit of a model, Deb, who loses her life, to make a second chance and the way the woman inside must discover ways to comply with looking just like the woman at the outside that she is now. In other words, a model finds out what it means to seem like everybody else in a delightfully quirky coincidence – and learns to be a lawyer along the way, in addition. Season Three picked up with the cliffhanger car crash that closed last season in a gloomy and shocking way. Questions and posed and answered to this point: What’s going to Grayson remember of the conversation he had with Jane pre-crash? What is going to Jane do to avoid wasting him? What about his engagement (to someone else?) What is going to happen back on the office with Teri, Kim and Parker? What about Stacy and Fred? Indeed, all of those questions and lots of more will most assuredly be answered come the following two Sunday nights! Plus, as always, there’s always a musical number or two not too far flung if you happen to stay tuned – corresponding to last month’s BroadwayWorld exclusive world premiere of “Lean On Me”! Will there be a musical grand finale in the end? We will soon see!

Also, don’t forget to take a look at the past interviews on this BRIDGING TV & THEATRE series – Margaret Cho, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Sharon Lawrence, Faith Prince and Jackson Hurst included! There are just a few episodes of Season Three left – airing Sundays at 9 PM on Lifetime, as always, throughout September until the finale on September 25 – so make sure to check back here in coming weeks for chats with Ben Feldman and the titular diva herself, plus perhaps even a surprise or two, too!

The Wonderful thing about The Gray

PC: With GLEE, DROP DEAD DIVA and, soon, SMASH, there’s a wealth of theatre-related entertainment on TV nowadays.

JS: You know, to me, theatre is my old flame and it truly is meaningful to me that there are people writing about shows which can be theatre-based or theatre-centric entertainment.

PC: Do you happen to sing yourself?

JS: Well, I’VE every so often if the role called for it – Off-Broadway – but, unlike that! Not real singing. I did sing in something on the Atlantic Theater Company once. But, no, more often than not I don’t sing well enough to do something really musical.

PC: So, no musicals. Alan Ball is a widely known playwright, so did he cast you on SIX FEET UNDER in line with your theatre work?

JS: You know, on that show, those table-reads were really like play rehearsals.

PC: That show was so sooner than its time, to boot. So theatrical, too.

JS: It was the nearest thing I needed …

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