Drunk Moose at the Loose Gets Stuck in Tree

12 Sep

These stories are worth a click:A moose got stuck in an apple tree in Sweden and needed to be let out by police and rescue workers. She was in all probability drunk from having eaten too many fermented apples. –Guardian

Petra Ecclestone, the world’s richest bride, says she bought the previous home of Aaron Spelling for $83 million in order that her dogs may well be comfortable. “IT WILL BE IMPORTANT for them to have space,” she said. –Winnipeg Free Press

Maurice Sendak, of Where the Wild Things Are fame, will soon publish his first full-production book in TWENTY YEARS. It’s called Bumble-Ardy and it’s a few pig. –Paris Review

Which pet should win the title of weirdest insurance claim: Should it’s Harley, the pug who ate 100 rocks; Sadie, who got attacked by an otter; or Teuer, the Jack Russell who tried to clear the distance under a closing garage door? –VPI Hambone Award

Now that youngsters are back to school, pets are home alone and lots of of them are experiencing separation anxiety. The change “leaves a void within the pet’s lifestyle.” –

Kız Arkadaş…

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